Testimonials – See what our customers are saying about us



Please read a few of the testimonials customers have kindly taken the time to write for us to share with potential new dog owners who are thinking about purchasing one of our pups.

As well as owners in England, we have many who are residents of the Channel Islands as we love to see our pups go over there and take daily walks along the beaches, we also have pups travel all over the world to live their lives in constant sunshine such as Mac the Scottie who lives in Portugal and a much loved Westie who resides in Dubai.

Our Facebook is also a good source of information and customer reviews along with lots of pictures of our customers dogs.


Sylvia Lawrence King – Guernsey – West Highland White Terrier

“I have had two pups from Kilconnel Kennels, from the beginning I was informed of the price plus the cost of transport so there were no hidden extras.

Both were escorted and arrived safely; one puppy came by private plane and the other on Condor Ferries.

Both very healthy with wonderful temperaments, loving, eager to please and absolutely gorgeous in every way.

But also very feisty, love playing with other dogs, running on the beach, chasing balls, paddling in the sea, rolling in wet seaweed and other muddy things I won’t mention.

They love everybody and greet all people as friends.

They are the best of small dogs and wonderful companions, giving me so much pleasure and fun and keeping me fit.

There is no way I would be walking every day regardless of the weather if I didn’t have a Westie.


Sylvia Lawrence-King


Danielle Evans – Channel Islands – West Highland White Terrier

“I would most certainly recommend Kilconnel Kennels to anyone wishing to buy a puppy. The service was extremely professional but at the same time very personal. Everyone I spoke to at the kennels was friendly and well informed and made the whole experience run extremely smoothly. They were also very accommodating as we had a lot of trouble with bad weather causing travel problems but nothing was too much trouble for the team at the kennels.

When Alfie arrived he came with supplies of the food he was on and sufficient paperwork with information on how best to care for the new puppy and help him settle in. He also had his full vaccination history, medication he was on at the time and details of future treatments (worming, boosters, etc) that he would need for the first 6 to 12 months. He was also Kennel Club registered which was a nice bonus and we were able to get all his papers etc that we would have needed if we wanted to show him.

Alfie is a fantastic little dog, he has a great temperament, he is good with children, fantastic with other dogs and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Even after his arrival we could still contact the kennels for guidance which is great to know they care.

I wish we could get another Westie, maybe in the future. There is only one place we would consider going and that is Kilconnel Kennels. You guys do a fantastic job.

Many thanks for such a wonderful puppy.”

Danielle Evans and Alfie

Roger Irwin – England – West Highland White Terrier

“All in all we cannot thank you enough for all your help and for providing us with our very own little ‘Champion’. He is a total star and a credit to your breeding stock and programme. Our Vet is very complimentary of you and the information you provided us with as new owners, and Morse is the delight of all who meet him. He has a brilliant temperament and is without vice. We would have no reservation in recommending you to others seeking a very good pet which more than meets all of the breed standards. Above all he is a wonderful companion”

Roger Irwin
Former Doberman Breeder and owner of puppy Morse

Julie Jones – Guernsey – West Highland White Terrier

“I am a Guernsey resident and can highly recommend buying a puppy from Lesley Caswell. I was provided with wonderful photos of our puppy as he grew bigger, and the support from the kennels was second to none.

Our puppy arrived fully vaccinated, and an absolute beauty. I was given advice for diets and working, together with the full pedigree certificates.

I already have a Westie myself and this new addition is a stunner clearly from wonderful pedigree.

Lesley is more than happy to bring your puppy over via boat, alternatively there is a flight from Southampton via Alderney which is affordable, short only around an hour of travel, and you can have your new addition back in a day trip.

I would only use Kilconnel Kennels for future puppies, based on the pedigree, nature, and highly professional and trustworthy service I received from Lesley.”

Lottie Dunn – Jersey – Scottish Terrier

“Holly is still absolutely gorgeous. She has a lovely nature and we all adore her. We were very pleased with the service we received from Kilconnel Kennels. They were very patient & helpful with my numerous questions & queries & they went out of their way to get Holly to us as soon as possible. The pick up in Guernsey was very efficient and easy.

She passed her first health check with flying colours and other than having an upset tummy for a couple of days when she first arrived (which I am sure is quite normal for the settling in period) we have had no problems with her at all. The paperwork was all in order & they continued to provide me with advice & any information I needed once we got Holly. She is a part of the family & we can’t imagine life without her now!

I would be happy to be contacted by e-mail by any potential new owners.


Nicole Cooney – Jersey – West Highland White Terrier

“I got Tyson when he was 5 months old as I didn’t want a 8-10 week old puppy; the care and attention he received at the kennels made training much simpler when we brought him home. I am constantly asked where I got him as his temperament and personality are fantastic and of course his big brown eyes are heart melting. Tyson is great with young children and always willing to play or cuddle. There’s nothing like a happy dog with a wagging tail to welcome you home! Thank you Kilconnel Kennels for this addition to our family.”



Bob Harbord – England – 2 Scottish Terriers

“We would like to thank you for our lovely Scottie puppy who we have called Sydney, he is perfect and adorable and everybody loves him. We are delighted with him. He has settled in really well and our other Scottie Vincent who we got from you nearly six years ago seems to like him. They lay and play together. In his short time here Sidney has frequented many pubs and like Vincent is very well behaved, (even the toilet training is going well)!! So he certainly won’t be moving home. He is also wonderful and much admired. The photo provided has been entered into a competiton…Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work with your breeding, your Scotties are a credit to you.”

Very best wishes and thanks Bob and Marjorie Harbord love from Sydney and Vincent xxx

Dena Marshall – England-Cavichon (Her best friend had Lottie’s brother, Barnaby)

“Lottie continues to have a high spirited personality, getting into all kinds of mischief but totally adorable, until she finds a pond! She nursed our old aged Collie until she died in September and is now getting her “just desserts” as we have a puppy cocker spaniel! (she is actually a Cockerpoo but came out just like a Cocker..but no poo in sight except on the kitchen floor!) Lottie hates all the attention she gets but plays non stop from morning till night!

Barnaby on the other hand who has always been more reserved and snooty thinks the puppy is a big PAIN!!”



Holly Finn – England – Jack Russell X Westie (Perhaps an accident)

“Arka (Sun God) is the most amazing dog, superb temperament, amazing with our child, all children in fact and brilliant with other dogs. We are very happy!

Lots of people have asked us if she could be a corgi jack Russell cross – she has a very thick tail, big chest, sticky up ears and likes to sit on the sofa either on her haunches with legs forward or on her back legs in the air which we are told is quite a cojack trait! We don’t mind one bit what type of cross she is, but did just find out that as she is almost 100% white (unusual for cojack apparently) we’re wondering if she could perhaps be a westie cross? Of course she could just be a very short legged, beefy JR! Below is a photo of her sitting in our car chair eagerly awaiting my sons end of school arrival!”

Patricia Giles – England – Westie

“One snowy November morning in 2010 we travelled and picked up my Westie pup Radley who has become the greatest joy to us all. From the very first phone call making enquiries about a Westie pup Kilconnel Kennels were friendly and helpful and made choosing and buying Radley very easy. Lesley & Kim were always at end of phone or email to answer questions and from my first visit to the Kennels their openess and friendliness assured me that this was a kennels to be trusted. Radley is now 16 months old and has been back to board at the kennels twice. Each time he came home happy and healthy having been well cared for. I would have no hesitation in recommending this kennels to any one either for boarding or getting a dog.”



Alan Purdom – England – 2 Scottish Terriers

“The service from Kilconnel kennels was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and clearly knew what they were doing.

When we arrived we taken round the back to the kennels and we were shown the three Scotties they had, two of which we decided to buy on the spot.

We were also shown their parents so we had an idea of what to expect from the adult dogs. The puppies were in excellent condition and fully inoculated when we got them. We were not able to immediately take the dogs having to arrange day care but Lesley and the staff were happy to look after them until we could take them home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kilconnel kennels to anybody wanting to buy themselves a puppy, be it for a family pet or as a show dog.”

Elizabeth Graham – England – Scottish Terrier

“Kilconnel Kennels were very helpful and professional with us when we came to select a Scottie pup. They gave us plenty of time to choose from the litter, and we didn’t feel rushed to make a decision about which one would be best for our family. The puppy we chose was full of beans, with bright eyes and a lot of Scottie nosiness and as soon as we held her we knew she would be coming home with us. She was a healthy pup. There was plenty of paperwork and advice and information accompanying her and we knew we could call the kennels at any time if we had problems.”



Philo Brown – England – Cavichon

Just a short update on the little cavichon puppy “Mollie” we collected from you on the 23rd February 2012. On arrival we were very impressed with the staff and the warm welcome we received made us feel at ease from the beginning. Having looked at a lot of dogs we were a bit apprehensive but as soon as we saw how well they were looked after and the time and care you and all the staff had put in was above excellent.

It’s nice to know that you are there for help and advice which is lovely. We are really happy with “Mollie”, she is the best pup in the world!!!!

Once again thank you so much and we will keep you updated on how she’s getting along,

Julie James – England – Cavichon

“We want to thank everyone at Kilkonnel Kennels for a wonderful experience in buying our gorgeous Cavachon puppy Reggie.

When I initially spoke to Lesley to view the puppies I could tell that she was not only a breeder, but someone that is passionate and caring.

I will recommend this breeder to EVERYONE with NO hesitation!!!!!”

All the best for the future.



Janice Moore  – Weechon

 Hi Lesley

Lovely to hear from you!

We found you to be a very honest kennel, we felt you were both open and knowledgeable about your business which you clearly
know inside out.
After more than two years of searching, I am absolutely confident that we chose the right breeder. You hid nothing from us
and allowed us as much time as we needed to visit and choose our beloved puppy Martha.
Furthermore, as it turned out, my vet knows your vet! Which pretty much sealed it for me! Ibpv had the same vet for 25
You know how worried And concerned I was about who we bought from, but I realised that a lot of the unscrupulous breeders
present themselves as ordinary families or hobby breeders.
You provided us, without prompting, with the full family tree for Martha, along with a complete background from the day she
was born, my vet was extremely happy with all the information you provided.
We do hope one day to add another fur baby to our family and will certainly be looking to you for this. I would not wish to
go to any other breeder given how perfect Martha has turned out to be. Please add this to my first email testimonial! And
say hi to Mary! I hope she likes the photos!
Kindest regards


She is now 9 and a half pounds in weight and utterly beautiful.
She has such a completely charming and gentle nature, she is confident, friendly, very cuddly, so funny and a complete joy
to own.

I had no idea we would adore her so much! Literally everywhere we go , people stop me to comment on how beautiful she is,
everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

She is quite the star in our local pet shop, where she has attended puppy play group fpr the last 6 weeks every Saturday
morning. I have taken her everywhere and shown her everything and am delighted to say she is not scared of anything at
all. and gets on very well with all other dogs, even the really big ones!

She is highly intelligent and is proving easy to train. To say we are delighted with her is an understatement! She has made
our family complete and is our pride and joy!

Once again, we cannot recommend you highly enough, and have passed on your details to several people who have stopped us to
admire Martha and ask where we got her from. The quality of her stock shines though in every aspect of her personality and
she is significantly different In her reactions and behaviour than a lot of dogs we have come across. She doesn’t react
aggressively if faced with aggression, and is quite bold, standing her ground but not reacting. I am immensely proud of
She seems to be interested in every dog she meets regardless of their size but does not pester them, if they are
disinterested she knows to leave them alone. Even the owners we impressed with her especially as she is so small!
We would like to offer this as a testimonial if you would like to use it, please do.

Our next adventure will be to take her out on a boat! Will let you know how that goes!
Kindest regards

Janice Moore.


Beverley Carroll  – West Highland White Terrier

Hi Lesley We bought one of Smarties pups from you in 2006 – Molly, a westie she was born 07.02.06. I’ve been meaning to email for a while, she has been an absolutely wonderful companion. She had a slight issue with her skin when we first had her but changed her food and has never had a problem since. She has a wonderful coat and looks much younger than her years. Apart from a knee problem she has been absolutely brilliant. I thought you may not always get emails about pets you gave long since seen. Glad to see you continue to bring other people get joy with our adoptive family members! Hope you are well, all the very best Beverley Carroll