Our Pups

Our Pups – Information on our Pups



Here at Kilconnel Kennels we also breed beautiful puppies and we have many happy and returning customers. Please see our ‘Testimonial page’ and have a read of what they have to say. All of our pups are wormed on a regular basis and are health checked by our vet and are given the first of their primary injections. They also leave us with 4 weeks insurance, after that we do advise to continue insuring your dog.

We own all parents and they are all at the kennels to be seen.

Our Pups

West Highland White Terriers

We have no skin problems and our girls have fantastic temperaments and we have one of our founder Westie girls, Snowey to thank for that as most of our original girls are her offspring. Westies are of medium size when fully grown, therefore manageable in small houses. They make fantastic family pets. They are fairly tolerant of rough and tumble with children but do have their limits, it’s the terrier in them. They love exercise and will need a moderate amount.



Maltese make great companion dogs. They are very lively and playful. They are considered to be hypoallergenic and many people who are allergic to dogs may not be allergic to the Maltese. They are ideal dogs for smaller gardens as they prefer smaller spaces.


Shih-Tzu x Bichon

Probably the most beautiful pups that we breed, also fairly non-moulting. Are born with selective and attractive colourings, and have the most beautiful and appealing little faces. Because of their petite size we feel they make ideal pets for people looking for a small but healthy dog. We cross the Shih-tzu with the Bichon to lengthen the dog’s nose to aid easier breathing.