Our Girls

Our Girls – Information on our Bitches



If you have been on our Stud dog page you will have seen Ollie, we also own his sister Crystal. She has proven to be a super mum and took outstanding care of her puppies.

We also have 3 other girls that are equally as well bred. We call them Paris, Kali and Milano. Their personalities are just superb and these girls make sure their puppies are equally as lovely. Milano is Kali’s first daughter and they get on very well, Paris is Milano’s auntie and enjoys taking on the role when Kali has had enough of her lively little girl. All 4 of these girls enjoy their annual trip to the groomers to be hand-stripped. When they return to us they look absolutely stunning.

Milano, Crystal, Paris and Kali


Star Girls

Two of our Scottie girls: Mildred, Norbert and our stud dog Trouble were invited to feature in the advertisement for a very well known designer handbag. They were on set all day and loved meeting all the new people and having all eyes on them. We are so proud of them.

All of our girls are so loved and the staff know them all very well and are extremely fond of them, the bonds are unbreakable. Once they have had 4 litters of pups we will find them new loving homes where they become family pets or solo companions.

We get positive reports on how they settle in to their new homes and it makes us so happy to see photos of them curled up on their new owner’s nice clean sofa! They often go to homes that already have other dogs and they become great friends, and sometimes cats are accepting of them too.

  • Bichon Girls
  • Cavalier Girls
  • Mildred the Scottie
  • Shih-tzu Girl
  • Shih-tzu Girl

Finding a New Home

Recently one of the original bloodline Westies, Roxy found a new home and is enjoying her new surroundings and meeting lots of new friends.

Roxy with her new owner

Beans in her new home